Congratulations “Bobrisky marries secretly, wife pregnant expecting with a male child (Photos)

Nigerian actress Sonia Ogiri has alleged that Bobrisky also known as Mummy of Lagos has secretly married and is expecting a child.

According to a post shared on Sonia Ogiri’s page, she stated that Bobrisky is a man in the evening but behaves like a woman during the day to deceive online users.

The actress further disclosed that Bobrisky secretly visits his alleged wife at night so he won’t be recognized, adding that his wife is currently pregnant with him.

"Bobrisky allegedly marries secretly, wife pregnant expecting child soon" - Sonia Ogiri alleges
Bobrisky, Nigerian crossdresser. source: Google

She wrote,

“Congratulations is in order as we Nigerians always show love. Oga has 1 and is expecting another. Just dey play. This little gossip na between you and me. I close page for two weeks so no other person fit see am. I just say make I share with you because I love you ooo”.

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