I thought by now I’d be married – 34-year-old virgin cries out

Joy, a Nigerian woman, who bemoaned not having a husband at her age despite maintaining her virginity.

On the occasion of her 34th birthday, she posted on Facebook to express her concerns. She said that, had she not remained celibate, she believed she would already be married.

On September 10, 2023, joy will turn 34. She stated that she anticipated being at her husband’s home performing household duties, but as fate would have it, she is not there.

However, she vowed that any “biological clock” created against her would fail, and she believes that as long as she continues to work elegantly, her tale will soon change.

She wrote; “Heloooooo Facebook fam. It’s been a minute. I really didn’t think I would turn 34 while still a virgin because I thought by now I’d be married to my husband and doing the things that make the pots To be done lol but ke, as the Lord would have it here we are standing only because of his grace because no biological clock and timeline formed against us shall prosper we are people of Faith and trust the one whose beyond time and is the ancient of days , this can only be the work of the Holy Spirit. I just keep aging gracefully like fine wine”.

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