Wife Crashes Her Husband’s ‘Secret’ Second Wedding And Dips Palm Oil On The Bride

A man who tried to pull a fast one over his wife and marry a second wife ended up having to deal with more drama than he ever could have bargained for.

Just before the second wedding was set to go down, the first wife appeared out of nowhere and doused the second wife with palm oil, of all things.

The very distinctive palm oil stained her lily white wedding dress and led to proceedings being brought to an end.

According to reports, the man, from Nigeria’s Imo State was already married and he wanted a second wife.

He went to his church in Owerri North for the ceremony but they refused to do it since a man having two wives is against Christian doctrine.

Somehow he found another church who agreed to do the wedding, but his wife found out and crashed the ceremony.

That led to the hilarious palm oil incident.




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